Un Fallen star

there you’ll be

smiling with the deepest eyes

and your light is so warm

that I can not stop wanting you to fall

Un Fallen star

bright in dark

alone, you are so right but yet so wrong

with touches of hope between my fingers

that I can not stop wishing you to fall

Un Fallen star..

love me the way I am

so nice, so blue, so damn beauty

But my guilty lies the world of you

The dawn is about to come, but not for you and i

So for all this, you don’t have to fall

Un Fallen star, you are my fallen tears…


3 responses »

  1. this poem so pathetic. but, surely can makes me know about the hopes, and powerless about reality. pathetic is not bad, just remind us about what the things gonna happen if we let the hope gone.

  2. “what should I say? this poem so pathetic, but meaningful..:) it’s not just about the hope,and honest, but describing powerless in facing the reality..
    most of all, i am pretty sure, this poem came from
    the brighest side of heart’s eye.”

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